KPU Successfully Set and Authorize Pileg Results On Time

KPU Successfully Set and Authorize Pileg Results On Time

The Great Indonesia Movement Party is the third largest political party.

The Great Indonesia Movement Party (Indonesian: Partai Gerakan Indonesia Raya, Gerindra) is a political party in Indonesia. The party has nominated former Indonesian Army Strategic Reserve Command and Indonesian special forces commander Lieutenant General Prabowo Subianto as its presidential candidate.

Prabowo only resigned from the Golkar Party in July 2008, and the provincial level election teams were formed as recently as February 2009. The party claims a membership of approximately 15 million, with the party’s base of support across Java, Sumatra, Kalimantan and Sulawesi. The idea for the party name came from Prabowo’s younger brother, Hashim Djojohadikusumo, who helped pay for Gerindra’s prime-time TV advertising campaign.

The party won 4.5 percent of the vote in the 2009 legislative election, and was awarded 26 seats in the People’s Representative Council.

The party almost tripled its popularity from the 2009 election (4.5% of the vote) to receiving 11.81% of the vote in the national legislative election on 9 April 2014, making it the third most popular party in Indonesia.

Furthermore, Gerindra almost tripled the number of seats it won from 26 seats in 2009 to 73 seats in 2014.
Party Platform

The party has a 6-point action program for 2014-2019:

Build an economy that is strong, sovereign, fair and prosperous.
Implement a social economic system.
Develop food and energy sovereignty and secure water resources.
Improve the quality of human development in Indonesia through education, health, social, cultural and sports programs.
Build infrastructure and preserve nature and the environment.
Build a government that is free of corruption, strong, resolute and effective.

The party website provides more details of the party’s beliefs:

The party will work to reform the Indonesian political system so it is in accordance with the 1945 Constitution. The party believes that the post-reform political structure has moved too close to liberal democracy, and needs to be corrected to become democracy guided by the wisdom of the leadership in deliberations among deputies. Gerindra believes that Indonesia needs strong leadership.

Economic policy must be in support of a welfare state that is just. Economic policy should return to a society-based economic system.
Public Prosperity

Jobs must be created so unemployment can be reduced. The party proposes a pro-farmer development policy that will address systemic poverty and protect farmers from marginalization brought about by development.
Agriculture, Fisheries and Maritime Affairs

Economic development should be focused on the development of agriculture. The fishing and maritime sector also has a large workforce and has huge potential to become a major contributor to national development, so there must also be a focus on fishermen.
The Environment and Forests

Global warming is an important issue. The lack of infrastructure and lack of awareness about environmental conservation gave led to Indonesia being the nation with the most rapid destruction of forests. Therefore, there must be proper management of the forests and seas to prevent damaging exploitation.
Social Affairs, Culture and Education

Given that globalization has been marked by the entry of foreign culture, Indonesia must strengthen and preserve its own culture. The party supports the increase of education spending to 20% of the state budget.
Legal Affairs

There must be reforms of the legal system. There are too many law enforcement agencies with resulting overlaps in authority. There needs to be a simplification so there is justice and equality before the law.
Human Rights

The state respects the loyalty of citizens towards the state. Citizens should respect their oaths towards the state as an organization and should respect the rights of the state. The state respects the rights of the people in accordance with the law. Law and humanity should not be seen as two separate things, and therefore human rights courts are an excess.
Defense and Security

There must be modernization of military equipment and increased professionalism of the Indonesian military. The Gerindra Party will work for the development of a national defense industry.
Foreign affairs

The party supports a free and active foreign policy. It believes that the end of the cold war has not resulted in the United States as the only superpower and that Russia under Vladimir Putin has restored respect for Russia’s economy and military. Indonesia must play a role in the new international era.
Other areas

The party does not want regional autonomy to threaten national integrity, and will reexamine relevant laws to ensure this. The party is committed to freedom of religion and the rights of women, who comprise the majority of Indonesia citizens.